iRex Digital Reader

Again, a new Digital Reader has born to the stream of digital devices. Reading books nowadays has turned easy thanks to the invention of these type of digital electronic book. The first one I knew about is the Amazon Kindle and later the Cybook from Bookeen. Of course with their Big Boy brand, It could really easily knockout its competition.

But it doesn’t mean Kindle will be the king, since Kindles is lack of one feature – the touch screen functionality!

iRex Digital Reader

iRex Digital Reader

Yes, iRex spotted that weakness and now this Dinosaur-like iRex trying to destroy the competition with their newest Digital reader by offering much more delicious features for their user.

The touch screen is an absolute must-have feature, and it also accompanied by other marvelous wireless technology such as Wi-Fi, Blue-tooth and 3G for wider and stronger internet access for online reading.

Of course, they are not in the same package and you can choose what type of technology that you want to come with your new iRex. from the basic (no touch screen, Wi-Fi, or 3G) is only retailing for $649, touch screen only – $749, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G – $849.

Unfortunately, iRex is still not a perfect hardware although it have so many great features. there are some bugs on this new digital reader (read the story at Teleread). Though I personally believe iRex will become a great stuff for e-booker, it’s way too expensive (Amazon Kindle is only $359!) for just because of the touch screen or the wireless technology.

(found iRex at TechFresh)

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