Chinavasion Flexible Silicone USB Numpad

This is the first flexible stuff on HardwareSphere. It’s a Numpad made of flexible silicone, a best friend for Laptop user who have no specific numpad for direct access while typing.

Is it another mashup from Chinavasion? Nope, not like the projector phone, the perfect mashup. This flexible silicone USB numpad is only getting an expanded features, such as Insert, Home, Delete, End PageUp/Down, arrow keys, etc.

It’s depend on what type of Qwerty keyboard that your laptop have. For some type, this keypad is extremely useful because most of the keys are hiding behind the function (fn) key.

Silicon Rubber Keypad - 33 Keys

Silicon Rubber Keypad - 33 Keys

With this type of keyboard, you have no need to worry about spills, bumps, and even pretty kids-proof is some common sense.

Flexible Keypad by Chinavasion

Flexible Keypad by Chinavasion


  • 33 flexible keys
  • Spill-proof
  • Mildew resistant
  • Washable
  • Plug and Play – even the Windows 98SE
  • USB powered

The one thing that is pretty neat is the USB cable. It’s not the usual long usb cable. Chinavasion make it a retractable one. Pretty brilliant and graceful bonus as it’s only for $7 USD to get one!

Amazing? Oke, you can read more about this keypad at Chinavasion.

(Silicone Numeric Keypad via Geekalerts)

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