Party Rats – Light Up Your Fingers

So what’s special on these RATs? remember, it’s not mouse. But RATs! I translated them to the “Really Awesome Technic” to light up your fingers at night!

Party Rats - 5 Colors illumination

Party Rats - 5 Colors illumination

Party Rats have 5 of them, each with different colors for each of your fingers. When you equip them on your fingers, you will having a similar but short version of multi-color lightsaber from Star Wars! Well, just flirt up your imagination and you can think the same! :)

It’s also “will” become an extra mood maker if you are a decent blogger who blogging till the dawn. Especially suitable if you are a tech/hardware/gadget blogger like me.

IMHO, I would really love to have them to flash out my fingers. I type pretty fast and might the light become the idea stimulant and might be able to psychologically comforting my tired soul through its illumination…

(Price: Suprisingly cheap – $6 only | via NerdApproved)

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