Sony Vaio TT Series – Newest, Lightest, Coolest

Remember the first time hearing a Macbook Air, the laptop that is the thinnest and lightest. The sensation is unbeatable! But it seems it’s pretty a common stuff nowadays and the impact is not that big for another lightest laptop to popped out at the market.

Well, that’s the latest Sony TT notebook. Yes, the TT series which claimed to be the world’s lightest and world’s thinnest. That’s might be not special, but with the strong drive embedded in this series, It makes another sound for the world.

“Hey, now the newest, thinnest, coolest Sony Notebook comes which a Blu-Ray Disk Drive!” Yeah, seems like that’s the sounds of this newest 1.3Kg (2.87 pounds), and 1 inch thick laptop.

Sony Vaio TT Series

Sony Vaio TT Series

Well, it’s really great since it’s fully compatible with HDTV display with up to 1080p resolution. Beside playback HD stuffs, Sony TT notebook also capable of recording in a super High quality and backup to a high-capacity Blu-ray media. Which nobody currently offering such a HIGH features.

11.1 inch XBRITE-Dura View LCD, HDMI output, latest Intel Centrino 2 processor, WAN technology, and the dual channel 256GB SSD. That’s SSD really put my attention to the max. SSD or solid State Disc, a better solution to store data without worrying for the disc to stop spinning, because there is no such a disc inside a SSD!

Sony Vaio TT Series - Cool color combination between White, Red and Black

Sony Vaio TT Series - Cool color combination between White, Red and Black

Well, just like usual, high-tech = high-price. That’s the fixed economic math and you’ll only can touch this Sony TT-series if you have $2,700 (Blu-ray) or $2,750 (Blu-ray + 128GB-SSD) in your hand!

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  • I desire the color combination of this loptop..

    its really cool, though its expensive our money is worth for that thing to buy on,its really cool, well appreciated the design and the specifications as well.

  • bong

    this notebook is one of the finest craftmanship i ever saw in the latest notebook craze for the current year. Damn too good in its design and productivity…what makes it more desirable is the BD which no notebooks in its genere (11 inch) ever tried to copy. I know for some; “whats the point of BD on a 11 inch notebook?”, hell with ya I say…coz if you want real HD this notebook has HDMI output which can run extremely awesome HD movies on HDTV’s. The issue why they made this notebook so lite and powerful…its because there are consumers who prefer lite, powerful and PORTABLE. yes you heard it write,portablity for me is number 1…two battery life…where in the world can you find 11 hours batt life (extended batt). That makes it a good choice for constant travelers who needs powerful multitasking notebooks plus great entertainment machine…with little space consumption on luggage and air lite weight you can never imagine its in your backpack. Now if you are die hard gamer..this might not be the best gear for you…but it runs fine on most HD games. for me..this is the ultimate notebook i would prefer…..cons its too expensive but if you have money this is worth the prize. Next choice of mine? yeah your right..macbook pro 13 inch.period.

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