Enjoy: Imation Wireless USB Hard Drive this Q4

The wonderful of wireless USB hard drive finally going to be enjoyed by you this Q4. It’s basically the same as the bluetooth or Wi-Fi advantages. One of the is solving the cable matters, and increase your reach without moving around your hardware.

In this Q4, you will witness the first launch of the certified wireless external hard drive, the Apollo Pro WX wireless USB hard drive from Imation.

Wireless USB Hard Drive from Imation

Wireless USB Hard Drive from Imation

This hard drive comes with a swivel stand, to help you stand the hard drive vertically or horizontally. This wireless technology promises a better speed, also the security system that comes with it.

Well, just like a wireless router anyway. Better signal, better security. The wireless range of wireless USB is around 30 ft and the hard drive capacity is not limited to GB, it’s also going through the TB level.

Okay, just stay tune as I will report on the launching of this awesome technology.

(source: PopGadget)

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