Nova Slider X600 High-End Mouse for Gamer and Designer

There is a good news for designer and hardcore gamer. Later in the November, they will enjoy a super sensitive mouse, which acts as both designer and gamer high end mouse.

Nova Slider X600 Super Sensitive Mouse

Nova Slider X600 Super Sensitive Mouse

Yep, that’s Nova Slider X600, a slightly better gaming gadgets with interesting design especially the cable management part. Instead at the front like the most usual mouse, Nova slider x600 have the cable at the sideways. Spiced up by the special-made mousepad from French company, it makes Nova Slider X600 a worthy gadget for those higher-end users.

The super sensitivity of Nova Slider X600 by its own is at 3,200 DPI. But thanks to the recommend mousepad, you can enjoy a crazy state of sensitivity boast to 12,000 DPI. I really can’t tell how much is the different from my 1,000 DPI mouse with this super sensitive one. But I’m sure it will become a great gadget for designer who appreciate accuracy and sensitivity more than anybody else.

It’s going to launch this November and the price is about $140. Yep, pretty cheap for a high-end mouse!

(via Unplggd, Engadget and EverythingUSB)

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