Roll Up Drum Kit – Solved Drummer Itches While at Office

This gadget somehow spoiled drummer while they are working at their office. Roll up drum kit is very flexible drum replacement when you can’t get yourself near to the drums at your pub, or your studio. Does exactly what the name has, you can roll up the drum kit and store it properly while keeping the size compact to your bag.

Roll up Drum Kits

Roll up Drum Kits

When you feel like itching to knock some drums, just pull this drums kit out of your bag, plug it to your laptop or office desktop, and fire up the included software so you can play something cool out of it.

The software running either on XP or Vista, you can get up to 48 rhythms, 8 special drums effects, and 8 bass drums loop out of the 6 different drums kit as you’ve seen in the picture above.

It also comes with the sticks to knock some flat-to-table drums or “may be” you can use your had to do it.

One Roll up drum kits is going to cost you $59.95. You can get it a Hammacher if you wish too.

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