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Once more, the gadget mashups expert, Chinavasion, producing a rocking cool cell phone watch to fulfill our technology needs. I never understand why they are so clever to make me exciting for their new product, especially after the cool projector phone which we have been covered weeks ago.

Here is the snapshot of the cool mashups, a cell phone watch that comes complete with bluetooth technology, camera, mp4/mp3 player, and other juicy feature that will surely driving geeks nut! Oh, I really like the round shape dial number arrangement! Looks classic and stylish!

Cell Phone Watch - With Bluetooth and other Juicy Features

Cell Phone Watch - With Bluetooth and other Juicy Features

And here is how the looking of you wearing the mobile phone watch either on your wrist or you hold it with your hand. It will gives you the feel of the dimension and the “coolness”:

Mobile Phone Watch - The Looks and Feels

Mobile Phone Watch - The Looks and Feels

This gadget will rock you if you are a technology and latest gadget hunter. I won’t bother listing out the full specification of this cool mobile phone watch as you can find it on Chinavasion, but I’m going to tell you that the price you would going to pay worth the stuff that you are going to get!

Beside the mobile phone watch, the package is comes complete with a BLUETOOTH EARPHONE (Yeah, you don’t have to purchase a separate earphone anymore)! Chinavasion is really generous in giving bonuses within the package. You could even find a Wired Stereo Earphones with Mic inside the box.

What could you ask more for a mere $141.88/piece cell phone watch? Of course you could ask for more! You will get a good amount of discount if you buy for a handful of them. One for your brother, one for your niece, another one for your best friends, sister, daugther, son, etc, you decide it! :)

Just go to Chinavasion and see the specs for yourself. Make sure the GSM frequency is available and the next thing to do is to click on the “order” button.

Thanks to Robert at Geekalerts to punched this cool mobile phone watch on his blog!

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