Gun O’Clock: New Laser Target Alarm

Gun O’Clock is a new version of Laser Target Alarm. Well, it seems we haven’t cover that older laser target alarm, so let’s have a quick view on what is that alarm all about.

Laser Target Alarm is not about a laser toy that will sounds an alarm. It’s a personal tools to wake you up with some level of concentration requirement. See this picture for more detail:

Laser Target Alarm

Can you guess how to turn this alarm off once it ring like crazy? Yep, just use the laser remote and shoot the laser into the bull-eye to set the alarm off.

With this concept, somehow it can cure our dizzy head after wake up so we can begin our day with a better concentration and focus. I told you it need some level of concentration, right?! 😉

Okay, that’s the older version. So what is this new Gun O’Clock all about? It is practically the same, except the new system that allow you to set the difficulty setting.

You can either choose the easy or hard difficulty to shut off the annoying alarm.

Gun O-Clock Laser Beam Alarm

Gun OClock

On easy level, you only need one beam of laser precisely to the middle of the bull-eye. But on Hard setting, it will takes up to 5-beams to turn it off. Oh well, that’s will really wake you up for sure!

Gun O’Clock is from Bandai, and you guess what, It’s still wandering in Japan and you can them if you understand Japanese. Here is the link to Bandai JP site.

What if you don’t understand? Well, the older version is not bad too! although it doesn’t have a difficulty setting, the design looks better especially the dummy man and the Alien-like laser remote.

You might find the older Laser Target Alarm at ThinkGeek and it’s not that expensive to get one. It’s only the same price of one online games like Dinner Dash. 😉

(Price: $17.99 | available at ThinkGeek | via Apartment Therapy)

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