AK 47 Bullet Ice Cubes with AK Ice Tray

So, what’s is AK Ice Tray? Well, it’s a molding tray for ice in shape of a AK 47 bullet! Oh, that’s sound interesting, especially for me who love war games, guns and bullets! :)

AK Ice Tray help you refill your ice ammo in a snap using the two sided molded tray. Just put in some water, join the sides together, freeze it, and POP! you’ve got your brand new AK 47 bullets ready to make some killing in your lung!

AK Ice Tray - Ice Bullets Mold

AK Ice Tray - Ice Bullets Mold

I really think this ice bullet can “really” make a killing if you don’t be careful. I remembered there is a 007Agent movie from the past that use a ice sniper bullets to kill someone with out leaving a trace! Oh, scary. And yeah, may be it’s suitable for your Halloween party by serving these bullets together with your drinks for your spooky friends! :)

Start stocking your bullets with this AK 47 Ice Bullet maker for only $13.25 at Find me a Gift.

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