Firefly Squid USB Flash Drives

We sure get a never-ending supply of weird USB flash drive. Just now we are talking about the monster size USB flash drive (not weird, actually), while last month we have covered the cat paw, watermelon, bottle opener, Nail, BBQ?!

Ok, that’s all what we have here. But there more weird flash drives, such as this firefly squid flash drive!

Firefly USB flash drive

Firefly USB flash drive

Basically, it’s all just the same. It’s just for those who love the artistic value instead of the capacity or quality. This Firefly squid only have 2GB space, and it’s USB 2.0 interface. But it has a little bit expensive price to get. 2GB for $69.99 is pretty a high price.

Well, if you respect for visual attraction rather than the performance/capacity, go to Audiocubes to buy this little firefly Squid USB flash drives.

(via CraziestGadgets)

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