Kingston Intros 32GB DataTraveller 150

After the huge buzz on Transcend JetFlash 64GB, Kingston followed their tail by introduction us their new DataTraveller 150 which has a 32GB storage space flash drive. A slightly smaller but better with warranty and quality!

Kingston DataTraveler 150 32GB Flash Drive

Kingston DataTraveler 150 32GB Flash Drive

I know it has no big impact after JetFlash 64GB flash drive. But it’s still amazing to think on the physical size of the flash drive and the capacity it can content. Same with all of the DataTraveler flash drive, Kingston gives you 5 years of Warranty for this new flash drive.

Kingston DataTraveler 150 will run multi-platform smoothly, including the troublemaker Vista. So you have no need to worry for the incompatibility and you can enjoy the most portable “large” storage flash drive in your pocket, instead of bringing a laptop hard drive with your moves.

“The new DataTraveler 150 has broken through storage barriers by allowing users to store all their digital files ― business or personal ― all under one roof.”

— by said Mark Akoubian, Flash business manager, Kingston

Kingston DataTraveler 150 is going to retail for $139 soon. Some may say it’s better to buy a SSD than this type of flash drive. Well, I’ll respond with “Depend on your need” right on their face. 😉

(source: Coolest-Gadgets)


Here is another close look into this Kingston DataTraveler 150 32GB:

Closer Look on Kingston DT 150 32GB

Closer Look on Kingston DT 150 32GB

Thanks to Techfresh for providing such a good image!

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