VIP $12,000 Bullet-Proof Polo Caballero Shirt

If you are as popular as M.Jackson, Obama, King or Queen, you might need to have this shirt protecting your body from bullet intrusion. Someone might unhappy with your popularity and might want your life!

This polo shirt looks so normal, even an extra gaze can’t find out it is a bullet-proof shirt. It will become a good stealth gadget for body protection. Check out this photo of a macho-man wearing the Polo Caballero $12,000 Shirt:

Polo Caballero Bullet-proof shirt for VIP SuperStar

Polo Caballero Bullet-proof shirt for VIP SuperStar

Looks casual and normal. even assassin wouldn’t aware of the bullet-proof shirt! :)

This Polo Caballero shirt would somehow protect you from a 9mm pistol, but will still leave a swollen mark on your chest!

Well, it’s because of its thickness that matter the most. Such a thin layer can’t protect you from gun bullet force but thanks to the hard linen material to reflect the bullet from entering to your sacred body.

(BornRich via Geeky-Gadgets)

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