Crazy Mouse Controlling Method – Vocal Joystick!

Man oh man! Weird stuff keep popping out of brainiac creator. Now this gadget is pretty much “crazy” since you can control your mouse pointer movement using your sexy voices!

Vocal Joystick Gadget - Controlling mouse with sounds

Vocal Joystick Gadget - Controlling mouse with sounds

Looks like a retro microphone and yes, that’s the voice controller (or you can call it Vocal Joystick) for your mouse. To make a movement, you will shout like the following:

  • Ahhh… : Move to the upper right
  • Oooo… : Going down
  • Oohh… : Move down and to the right
  • click… : click!
  • etc.

So, how do you move up and down then to the right? Sounds like Ahhh, Oohh, Ooo! Argh! my jaw drops! It’s too difficult! 😐

“Say “ahh” and the cursor zips toward the northeast corner of the computer screen. “Ooo” sends it shooting straight south. Want it to head southeast? Say “ohh.”

To make the cursor do a circle or figure 8, let vowel sounds bleed into one another, like eee into ahh into aww and so on. You can make it hurry or slow by regulating the volume of your voice. To open a link, make a soft clicking sound.”

— by Richard Seven |

(Source: Physorg via Dvice)

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