USB Mouse Wheel – Personal Motivator to Get Jobs Done Faster

USB Mouse Wheel is not the usual mouse you play with for the entire computing experience. It’s not that little mouse on your right hand that helps you nagivate the pointer inside your Windows or Mac. USB Mouse Wheel is a cute little mouse in a wheel (or RatRace) as your personal measurement on how fast you are typing and pouncing your keyboard.

USB Mouse Wheel - Encourages you to Rapid-Typing

USB Mouse Wheel - Encourages you to Rapid-Typing

I find it useful for every authors or writers as it will become a personal motivator while you are stuck with your typing or may be it can break your temporarily freeze because of too many things to think of in a second.

One you start hitting your keyboard, this USB Mouse Wheel with start rolling as if the mouse is your best typing friend to get its own works to do. the faster you type, the faster the wheel rolling. average person will going to type 45 – 60 Words Per Minutes, but sometimes slower because of unable to focus well.

But with this USB Mouse Wheel, you’ll immediately notice your typing progress is slowing down, and you really should pouncing faster to get your tasks finish quicker. I rate this gadget 5 stars as I would really helped if I can type faster and reduce mind distraction that will break my focus.

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