SteamPunk Cake – Food That Steampunk Fans Would Cherish

We don’t have a steampunk group here in our country. Or may be less, we don’t know. But based on the the view of this Made for SteamPunk Cake, I guess steampunk looks great and tasty! 😉

Delicious Steampunk Cake

Delicious Steampunk Cake

If I’m really in the steampunk group and love those steampunk stuffs, I really can’t put my knife into that cake coz it’s so freakin’ cool!

It would be better to treasure it, store it in a big transparent fridge and make it as a collection on my own steampunk gallery. But cake is cake. It looks very delicious, especially it’s chocolate driven. Munch munch, going to fill them to my stomach no matter how cool it is! 😉

(via CoolBuzz)

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