SteelSeries 15-buttons Mouse – Exclusive for World of WarCraft

Steelseries grouped with Blizzard Entertainment to create a “beast” gaming mouse for the World of WarCraft MMO game. Why do we called it a beast?

Well, it’s because this gaming mouse have up to 15 customizable buttons and you can definitely cast any spells within WoW without the needs of your keyboard.

SteelSeries Gaming mouse - 15 Customizable Buttons

SteelSeries Gaming mouse - 15 Customizable Buttons

This gaming mouse somehow change the habit of most MMO players who at first get their hand dirty with keyboard for spell casting, to a single handed Wizard/Witch to win the battle! Only ‘beast’ gaming mouse can do this!

Personally, I don’t play WoW much (well, I did play this game several time a month!). If I can use mouse to do all the task, I can use the other hand to help me grab some burger or snacks which is double fun! 😀

The primarily feature of this ‘beast’ gaming mouse from Steelseries is absolutely the 15 customizable buttons. The other worth to mention features are as follow:

  • Macro up to 160 characters
  • Over 130 predefined commands for drag-and-drop macro creation
  • 16 million illumination choices with 3 intensity and pulsation levels
Beast Gaming Mouse for World of WarCraft

Beast Gaming Mouse for World of WarCraft

That illumination technology is the one that pull my attention. I love glowing stuff and you’ll get bunch of them here. The illumination appear between the diamond shape as you can see in the picture. You can illuminate it in any color, but I’m not sure whether you can set an animation on it or not (like the Luxeed Keyboard).

Well, hopefully this gaming mouse could fulfill the dreams of those lazy gamer who seek for more fun with less energy wasted on keyboard.

Price is set th $99 and you can find it at GamingStore.


(via CrunchGear and BoingBoing Gadgets)

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  • WoW Player Friend

    Friend of mine had this mouse purchased for him in the middle of December for Christmas got the mouse yesterday(01/12/2008)…….. he didn’t mind so much because it looked like a sweet mouse. He pulled it out and showed it to me yesterday and indeed it looked so sweet I almost purchased another one right at that moment. Good thing I didn’t because this morning he told me it died after about 10 minutes of use.

    • Hi there. Thanks for commenting. It seems your friend’s received a failure product. You should ask him to get a replacement as soon as possible. Well, that’s the risk of online purchase anyway. :) You will have no clue whether to product that you get is DoA or in a good condition.

  • Cheap WoW Gold

    This seems cool but I haven’t tried it yet. I still rely on my good ol’ mouse when playing WoW.

  • Ben

    I just received my SS Wo.W mouse and i am having some issues with it.

    I had one on order for 6 months up here in Canada, but found it on a shelf in the states over the weekend.

    I’d read the poor reviews, but wanted to satisfy my curiosity after all this time, so I disposed of some disposable income and picked one up.

    For starters my buttons feel like they’re made out of cheap ass plastic, as in really cheap ass for the $ i paid..WTF?!?

    It gives me the tingles in my fingers and i thought i had a major issue with RSI after playing for 5 hours straight but no, apparantly it’s some issue where there’s electricity being leaked out onto the chasis. I want to return mine but their tech support hasn’t gotten back to me. So much for money well spent.

    I think im going to hit up a G5 or the mamba, which is kinda too expensive. there’s even a bunch of guys suing blizzard for it at for flouting the TOS. sign up if you’re facing problems with your mouse!

    seems like there’s so much complaints about the mouse in every forum i searched for. wtf

  • Aleks

    I bowed down to my wow addiction and got this mouse. As well as a few of my friends. For me, and most of my friends, no issues, and mouse works fine. Looks sweet, is made cheaply… but other than that no issues. My friend however has big hands. Automatically ruined his experience with the mouse. He could not effectively use the side buttons. My suggestion is unless you’re a skinny asian dude (like myself) don’t buy this mouse. Its only as good as your hands. As for the various defects in the aforementioned post, this was probably the most clear and accurate response to the defects i have come across
    As per many of the other rants and raves on this mouse, what strikes me as odd, is that most people got their “defective” mice long after due to shortage. Me and my friends received ours only days after the first shipments. so perhaps in Steelseries’ haste in meeting demands, perhaps the quality became lacking.
    So in conclusion, Fat fingers = this mouse is not for you. Defects = Haste of production led to epic fails, Overall = Good choice for people with good computers(and small fingers) as the software isnt intensive but, is very buggy and you need a decent computer to quickly sort it out.

    Final note!
    If you use addons like grid, healbot, or anything that is point click type in World of Warcraft, getting this mouse to work with them can be a pain and can cause some serious raid malfunctions and everyone will yell at you. believe me. i know from experience.

    • Aleks

      ok for whatever reason couldnt get the link to go in. But here is the link to the Website that had a clear description of the defects

      • Aleks

        ugg and one final thing. So far does not work with a mac. Get over it, PC pwns Mac in working with half assed products.

    • Hi There Aleks, Thanks for your time to write your review. I’m sure yours experiences will be a great information for our reader.

  • Shannel

    I’ve had my WoW MMO mouse for 11 months, and have absolutely loved it. Being a female, I don’t have problems with big hands and the extra buttons. I don’t bother using addons like Healbot, but the extra buttons were awesome for things like bubble and prayer of mending on my priest, for example.

    However, today I started having a problem with my mouse and I found out that it’s somewhat common. (Note that my husband has the same mouse, has NOT had this problem, and bought his the same day.) I began experiencing an electric curren running up my mouse arm. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to touch my mouse in certain places, which is going to make gaming difficult to impossible. The oddest part is, if I don’t touch those spots for a while, then when I touch them again, I don’t get that feeling for a while. I’m going to be contacting SteelSeries tomorrow though to see if I can get a replacement.

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