Portable Blu-ray Burner from Amex Digital

As time flies, we now can enjoy your own slim and sleek + cool portable blu-ray burner. Remembered the first time hearing a blu-ray player, it’s so unaffordable and it would take forever to get a touch on this new technology. But thanks to Amex Digital, they brought this technology to us in a form of slim and cool portable blu-ray burner, with affordable price!

Amex Digital Blu-ray Drives + Burner

Amex Digital Blu-ray Drives + Burner

You have no need to buy a PS3 to enough blu-ray disc anymore. According to the source, Amex Digital’s Portable Blu-ray drive is made for Mac users. But I don’t care about that at all. As long as it’s USB driven, obviously, PC user will also capable to enjoy this on their newly bought laptop and Desktop PC.

You can expect this burner to be able to digest all Disc type well. Starting from CD, VCD, DVD and BD. The smaller 8cm disc also acceptable. There is no disc tray for this portable drive. Just insert the disc like what you’ll do with your car disc player.

The price is expected to be at $270 while the availability still unknown yet.

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