AstroStar – Cool Stars Projector

AstroStar is a pentagon-like star projector. I know the shape of the projector doesn’t play much roles in the projection, such as the star-shape projector (Laser Cosmos) from the past. Well, different stuff, different technology. The pentagon shape of AstroStar is helpful to filter the light into a bunch of stars:

Amazing astrostar projector - Projects to any direction!

Amazing astrostar projector - Projects to any direction!

Basically, you’ll need to set up the surface yourself by connecting each pentagon pieces into one disco ball-like projector. The projector then will punch the light to each of the pentagon surface and projects a bunch of stars in a multiple direction.

You can also set the ground to rotate according to compass alignment. All of this activity only need a set of 2 AA batteries to work. Yep, pretty cool for the battery to project light for the whole room!

Too bad it doesn’t play songs. that would be great if we can set a Star Wars theme songs while enjoying the space odyssey! 😉

You only need to pay £29.95 to get one at firebox.

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