iKey – Bluetooth Driven Wireless Keyboard

iKey is a ultra portable bluetooth wireless keyboard. It offers an identical functionality as what you’ll find in your laptop or desktop keyboard. Moreover, iKey provided an emergency Touchpad, in case your mouse is not active or broken.

iKey Bluetooth Keyboard

iKey Bluetooth Keyboard

Featuring a full-sealed keys to prevent dirt, dust, water, ice and corrosives using the industrial silicone rubber as the protection, with a rugged ABS polycarbonate case. iKey is practically easy to clean since there is no hidden area for dusts.

The downside of iKey is hard body case instead of a flexible silicone material. The measurement is pretty big (12 inch x 7.75 inch x 2 inch), so make sure to have a sufficient storage in your bag to carry this keyboard around.

The price is still undisclosed. It should be around $350, like their previous series of mobile keyboard.

(Product page via techfresh)

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