iRiver SPINN Portable Media Player

iRiver proud portable media player, the SPINN is now available. It’s been a lot of buzz on this PMP. If you still haven’t got a clue about this cool player, you really have missed the great buzz!

iRiver SPINN is a unique portable media player, that offer a simple yet powerful navigation system. Check out the following image and you’ll know how simple this PMP is!

iRiver SPINN - Coolest PMP on the market

iRiver SPINN - Coolest PMP on the market

The color is very clean, mixture of silver metal and white matte plastic. According to the source, the “feel” of this iRiver SPINN is very durable and is much better than other iRiver products

There is no button located at the the face of the player. You would only find a big AMOLED (active Matric OLED) screen for viewing. All the button is pushed to the sideways including all ports for computer transfer.

There is a great and detail review on iRiver SPINN by pocketables. You might want to check it out if you are tickled by this cool PMP.

Or if you already have a good knowledge on this iRiver SPINN, the next step is to go to for the purchase information. There are two version available, 4GB and 8GB. The price is $197 and $234, respectively.

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