Water-proof MP3 Player with Mirasol Display Technology

A new MP3 Player with mirasol technology is going to hit the market soon. But what is the Mirasol all about? Well, Mirasol is a new technology that require no backlighting on the display, which allow you to read clearly in the direct sunlight. Very good if you are an outgoing type of person who love to walking below the sun shine! :)

Below is the new MP3 Player:

Magic Mirasol Display enabled direct sunlight viewing

Magic Mirasol Display enabled direct sunlight viewing

“Qualcomm’s mirasol displays constitute a technology breakthrough that promises substantial performance benefits over competing display technologies. Based on a reflective technology called interferometric modulation (IMOD ), mirasol displays harness ambient light and require no backlighting, thereby consuming significantly less power.”

Another cool feature is the water-proof case. Well, that’s really an awesome addons feature for music lover beach boy. Well, if you are one of them, be happy cause you’ll get a little more convenience and will have no hard time to figure out which track you are playing through the direct sunlight gaze-able mirasol display.

This MP3 Player is made by Qualcomm through their FreeStyle Audio website. You can read their press release there.

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