ILVE VELA Rangehood – TV above the Stove!

Please don’t misintepret. It’s not the TV right above the stove where you usually cook your meal, but it’s way higher above to the point where electronic stuff is safe from the airborne foodstuffs. It’s from Australia, the name of this hardware is ILVE VELA Rangehood, which somehow spoiled housewives…

ILVE VELA Rangehood for high tech Housewives

ILVE VELA Rangehood for high tech Housewives

The TV is pretty large for a kitchen. It’s 10-inch when you measure it diagonally. You can actually control it like using a normal TV using remote control. You also can hook it up with a DVD player using the AV input that VELA provided. But I really think watching TV when cooking is not a good idea. Beside you split your attention between your food and entertainment, It’s very highly possible you’ll cook a monstrous meal at the end!

You really have to choose to cook a good meal or watch a nice cinema…

(via Coolest-Gadgets and SlashGear)

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