Mitsubishi Intros First Laser-based TV

Finally, the era of Laser technology has begun with this first laser-based TV from Mitsubishi. The technology that Mitsubishi use is LaserVue which practically delivered 2 fold of color display while suppressing the energy consumption to one third of the current technology.

Mitsubishi Laser TV - Twice in Color, 1/3 in power consumption

Mitsubishi Laser TV - Twice in Color, 1/3 in power consumption

“LaserVue’s technology is unparalleled; laser beams provide an extensive range of rich, complex colors, along with truly distinct clarity and immersive depth of field. Precise and focused, the purity of laser light far surpasses current high-definition technologies.

LaserVue has demonstrated a reproduction of color gamut in excess of 200 percent of BT.709, delivering two times the color of many of today’s HDTVs. Brightness has been demonstrated at approximately 500 nits. Additional features for LaserVue include Smooth 120Hz(TM), x.v. Color(TM) and 1080p with an Ultra Thin Frame.”

— Source: Mitsubishi Press Release

The Laser TV is only 10 inch thick with up to 65″ large display (Model L65-A90). It can display a true 3D viewing capability which you won’t find it in any other TV sold in the market.

Also, Mitsubishi Laser TV provide a range of cool feature, such as HD-Ready (absolutely!), 4 HDMI ports (more than enough!), etc.

The retail price of this new technology is on a pretty high state right now. The 65″ (Model L65-A90) is going to retail for $6,999.

(Press Release | Mitsubishi Laser TV)

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