Gene Simmons Axe Guitar – for HardCore Guitar Gamer

Gene Simmons Axe Guitar Controller for PS2 and PS3

Gene Simmons Axe Guitar Controller for PS2 and PS3

This guitar will absolutely “axed” the previous Logitech wireless guitar controller into two piece. Why? Because it’s so cool that you would find no match for it.

Featuring the Axe-shape edge, the name is taken from a popular Bass player, Gene Simmons. This piece of axe-guitar have a bi-directional strum bar and equipped with a super sensitive 10 fret buttons to ensure you won’t miss a since combo!

It work both on Guitar Hero game series and the Rock Band as well. So you have no need to buy a separate accessory for both game. It’s also compatible for both PS2 and the new freak PS3. Yeah, super saving secret here. buy one for two! :)

You can get it now at Amazon for $79.99. You should check it out if you are a guitar hardcore who love the WOW experience.

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  • Scott G

    This guitar is great – some googling revealed an interesting behind the scenes story:

    Looks like this company is the one who actually designed it for Gene Simmons – but the thing is – I2G/Gene stiffed them and never paid for the building of it. These people are the ones behind the Flashback 2 and other cool looking products as well – they build electronic works of art. If Gene played a concert – he’d expect to get paid, well these people built what looks like a great product, real shame that didn’t get paid.

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