Shoe Rack Kickit – Spoiled Your Bad Behaviour

This shoe rack design is really interesting. The shoe rack is completely built from shoe brushes, or two large brush collapsed each other. The purpose is to hold your shoes, exactly when you do some lazy “kung-fu” kick to the rack!

Here is the design, I can tell you this is really smart to spoiled my lazy habit!

Shoe Rack Kickit!

Shoe Rack Kickit!

Yep, just kick remove your shoes after work, and you can either touch it with your hand like throwing a bowling ball, or pinched the shoes with your toes and KICK it!

Heh! That’s funny! 😛

But you’ll feel not funny anymore when you listen to the nice voice of the price. You’ll pay a lot for this pair or collapsed shoe brushes. How much? $2,500 dollar!

(source: LikeCool)

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