Pure*Gold PC – Extremely Shiny in All Edge!

Do you mad for gold? Well, there is no sin to love gold. We should admit that gold is nice and everybody want it. But what happen if you are a geek? Well, here is the result of Hardcore geek + mad for gold dual personality sync together:

Pure Gold PC

Pure Gold PC

The specification is pretty high. You will get:

  • Core 2 Duo (with unknown clock speed),
  • Super high quality Kontron Motherboard (first time to hear about them),
  • nVidia 8600GT 512MB Graphic Card (pretty strong for 3D gaming),
  • 1TB Hard drive ( You can store up to millions of short porns),
  • 4GB Memory (2 x 2048MB – More then enough)
  • 7 channel audio system – (can blast a hole in your ears)
  • 2 Gigabit LAN ports
  • etc

Pure*Gold PC, I guess it’s not all of the case are made of gold. It’s just a thin layer above the case and molded with a transparent ceramic. But somehow it really shiny and thieves would really love to steal this type of hardware when they enter your house.

The interface looks so simple. just a horizontal hole and one big square button. I suspect it’s a power button and disc insertion place. So where is the back panel? Guess you should really check for the source to get the detail picture. You will also get to read a funny Quote/Poem at the source.

(Product Source – via Geeky-Gadgets)

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