NightWalker – Companion for Night Walking

If you love a walk at night to make your food properly digested, NightWalker will come in handy as a companion for your night walking.

NightWalker Two-Way Flashlight

NightWalker Two-Way Flashlight

Featuring 2 way lighting, one to the front and the rest to the ground. It helps you see the ground clearly while lighting ahead in case you bump on something when walking in the dark. There is also a red flashing taillight to help people see you from the rear side.

“Comes with a high-output Luxeon LED in front that is 10x more powerful than ordinary LEDs — and never needs replacing. The second beam uses two downward-firing LEDs to show you where to step.

And a third, red-flashing taillight can be switched on to make you highly visible to traffic approaching from behind during an evening stroll. Produces thirteen hours of brightness on just a single set of three AA’s (included). Gasket-sealed for use in inclement weather.”

For more information, you can go to HerringtonCatalog. The price is only $39.95, get one to help you stay alert while walking through the darkest night. :)

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  • If you really want to see where you’re going, try The World’s Brightest Flashlight ( from Hammacher Schlemmer! Only $750 …

    • Hi Fred. That’s is a nice gadget. I will blog about it today. Thanks for your recommendation and your comment. Really appreciate that! 😉

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