Double Duty Candle Holder LED Flashlight

This little gadget did impressed me with the camouflage as a candle holder. Nobody would detect it’s a flashlight if they haven’t grab it and see the beneath of the stand. Very suitable for you if you are living in a area which have a power shortage problem.

Candle Holder with Flashlight beneath the Stand

Candle Holder with Flashlight beneath the Stand

The multi-functional Castlight is a candlestick and LED flashlight in one. Place the Castlight upright on its base and you have a decorative candle holder. Pick the Castlight up by it’s rubberized grip, twist the handle, and you’re holding a powerful LED flashlight. It can be used simultaneously for an ambient effect.

Though it looks small, it’s pretty resources hungry because it needs 3 AAA batteries to power the LED light up. Available at WowCoolStuff for $39.85, get one if you really need a double duty gadget for your home. :)

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