Star Wars Darth Vader Bread Toaster

Are you a Star Wars fan and love to eat a piece of toast bread every morning? Well, be happy because this Darth Vader Toaster from Star Wars Franchise will fit your needs!

Darth Vader Toaster

Darth Vader Toaster

The idea of making an image burn onto a bread seems to be pretty popular these days. Personally, I think this is fun especially to cheer up our morning with something funny to see on our bread.

But I really need to be honest to you that what this Darth Vader Toaster produce is pretty “unhealthy”.


Because the surface of the toasted breast has already turn black! Black surface means Carbon, and carbon is equal to poison! I really recommend you not to eat something toasted to black.

But I guess there should be a heat-level adjustment for toasting your bread on this Star Wars Toaster. Just make sure don’t eat something like the picture shown above. Toast to brown color is more than enough than black. Don’t be a fan of black Darth Vader on your bread! 😉

(Price: $54.99 | Product Page | Availability: Next Year, January 2009)
(Source: GeekAlerts via GadgetVenue)

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