Bubble Calendar for New Year 2009

You know, we have been using those flat paper calendar from year to years and we have never having fun with them in any chance. Luckily, a cheerful and playful soul over Perpetualkid created a fun bubble bursting calendar for our new year 2009! Let’s check it out what is this bubble calendar all about:

Bubble Calendar 2009

Bubble Calendar 2009

Our dreams have been answered! A poster-sized calendar with a bubble to pop every day, it puts our love of popping sheets of plastic bubbles to a useful purpose: counting down the days until I leave my crummy boyfriend.

The calendar is fully functional, with days of the week and all major U.S. holidays marked and weekends bolded for easy reference. The calendars make a big statement at 48″ tall x 18″ wide.

The Bubble Calendar is appropriate for any design (and fun) conscious home or office. Just make sure that jealous friends and co-workers don’t pop your bubbles!

If you remember our first bubble popping gadget, you might want to get it too if you are a bubble bursting maniac. They will be a fun stuff for your new year although there is nothing new in technology. Just a bunch of bubbles and somehow our nerves just can hold it and want to press on them!

2009 Bubble calendar is only $29.99, get one now and ready to welcome your new year with some bubble bursting!

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