Wireless Workspace with Cable Unlimited’s Wireless USB

Wireless technology is the greatest invention ever in my personal opinion. I can virtually eliminate the view of annoying cables laying around my workspace, especially for us who love to use multiple USB gadgets and hardware together at the same time.

Cable Unlimited recently announced a cool solution with their newest Wireless USB product, complete with a transmitter and receiver adapter which you can use it as a rely point for multiple wireless USB connection.

Wireless USB solution by Cable Unlimited

Wireless USB solution by Cable Unlimited

Cable Unlimited’s Wireless USB require no additional software to make it work properly. Just a simple plug-n-play will do. So how to use this cool wireless technology? It’s just as simple as connecting the two end of your cable USB, you only need to plug one wireless USB adapter into your laptop, and the other one into your desired device.

Wireless USB Adapter Set

Wireless USB Adapter Set

The price is only $80 for a pair of them, and you can actually find this Cable Unlimited Wireless USB over at Amazon ($80.73).

(via OhGizmo!)

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  • pb

    uh, many USB devices rely on the power coming through the USB cable in order to function…

    so what, trade one cord for another?


    • Well, that’s depend on how you see and use the functionality. It should be made for gadget that don’t rely on USB power, for example a printer or USB LCD Monitor.

      This type of technology could help you free up your workspace by placing the printer at a different place without worrying the length of the cable. 😉

      Thanks for commenting, PB! :)

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