Finally an Affordable Alienware Desktop PC?

Except you are from unknown colony from outer space, you must have heard about Alienware the mighty desktop PC beast for gamer. It’s a well known Desktop based PC with highest performances, including the highest ever price to get a touch for the lowest specs. But worry no more lad! Here today a good news for you.

Alienware now launching new Area-51 750i PC, which priced on a reasonable level of $1,049. Oh, I hear you shouting! Thousands of dollar you call that reasonable?! Yep, I called it pretty reasonable since most of Alienware desktop performance PC need you to pay at least $2000 to $3000+ a desktop as the starting price.

Alienware Area-51 750i Affordable Desktop PC

Alienware Area-51 750i Affordable Desktop PC

Alienware Area-51 750i PC comes with a good processor of this era. An Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 processor already embedded into the strong Alienware motherbase. Also, you’ll get a whopping 8GB DDR2 RAM and dual ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 graphic cards for that one thousands dollar price. The base operating system is Vistaa 64-Bit and you can have an optional Blu-ray burner to play and back up to BD media.

(Source: Engadget | via TechFresh)

UPDATE: $1,409 is the starting price for the very baseline rig. Above specs might worth more than $3,000+ a desktop!

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  • Troy

    The processor alone costs $1000 on Newegg. How does that work?

    Although, if I’m getting Vista and a fugly alienware case, it’s really not worth the price. I supposed I could buy another case and shove it all in there. It’s still a pretty good deal.

  • groz

    Those specs are the best options, but that will land you well over $3000. Which you would know if you actually read the source.

    • Hi Groz, thanks for your information. It seems I’ve misleading information. I’ve updated the post. The price is the base price with the lowest specs. Those specs above is worth more than $3000+.

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