Heavy Duty Aluminum Laptop Cooling Pad

When winter approaches, we might have no need of a cooling devices for our gadgets and hardware anymore. But for those who live in 2 tropical area, there is no winter there. That’s why a cooling equipment is always needed to prevent overheating.

I have one Cooling pad that work well with my weather condition. But It’s only sufficient for a small size computer or netbook. If you own a good performance laptop, a heavy duty aluminum laptop cooling pad might be a good stuff for you.

heavy laptop ready Cooling pad with Retractable USB cable

heavy laptop ready Cooling pad with Retractable USB cable

This model is constructed of high quality aluminum, meaning that it can handle the weight of any modern mobile computer, and has plastic grips for keeping your computer in place.

In addition, the internal fan spins at 2300 RPM’s for maximum cooling effect, while being designed with bearings for quiet operation. Powered by your computers own USB port (or other USB base device), this cooler pad is a low power consumption device.

If you are interested, this heavy duty aluminum laptop cooling pad is available for $10 only at Chinavasion.

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  • Any idea what shipping to North America is for this product? For this product, $10 looks like an excellent price if the value is not destroyed by shipping charges.

    • Hi,

      You can try to find the shipping cost directly from Chinavasion. They are a popular wholesaler for Ebay seller. I believe they will have a competitive shipping cost.

      Just follow the link in the article to find out more. Thanks for visiting!

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