Amazon’s OLPC OX Event – Give One, Get One

Amazon recently trying to help those children in developing countries by holding a “Charity-like” event called OLPC OX: Give One, Get One for this Christmas season. The idea is to help and educate children in developing countries (e.g. Haiti and Rwanda) through the use of OLPC.

OLPC OX - Amazon's Give One, Get One

OLPC OX - Amazon's Give One, Get One

Why give a laptop to a child in the emerging world? If you replace the word “laptop” with “education” the answer becomes clear. You don’t wait to educate until all other challenges are resolved. You educate at the same time because it’s such an important part of all the other solutions.

It’s nice if you have some spare month. You need to remember that the price you pay is not only about to purchase an OLPC, but you’ve done a good deed to help one child to find their own future.

But if you don’t want any OLPC and just want to help those poor children, you can simply giving away 1 OLPC at value of $199 as many as you like.

(Source: CrunchGear)

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