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2-in-1 Bud Bud MP3 Earbuds

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Love to share what you are hearing on your earphones with your closest friend or lover? Well, you have no need to sacrifice one of your earphone for your best pal/gal anymore! Well, it’s all thanks to S1 Audio, who has providing us a cool 2-in-1 earphones called Bud•Bud™ Earbud!

S1 Audio Bud Bud EarBuds - stylish 2-in-1 earphones

S1 Audio Bud Bud EarBuds - stylish 2-in-1 earphones

Bud•Bud™ Earbud are basically 2 earphones sticked together on each left and right side. You can freely convert it to two set of earphones to share with your friend easily since the expanded one is just sticking at the back side of each earphones.

Very clever design indeed. But you won’t get a boost of double performance from the dual earphones if you plan to enjoy the music sensation alone! You’ll only get a bigger and heavier earbuds hanging onto your ears if you don’t want to share it with your friend.

(Source: S1 Audio | via ChipChick)

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