LG XPION R20 and S20 Premium Desktop PC

LG has announced 2 new Premium Desktop PC in their XPION brand. Their code name are R20 and S20.

LG XPION R20 is a performance PC that works under Intel Quad Core Q8200 processor with a strong graphic processor from GeForce 9500GS. LG XPION R20 also provides a good amount of 3Gb RAM and new cooling system called Multi Direction Platform Cooling or MDPC.

LG XPION R20 and S20 Performance Desktop PC

LG XPION R20 and S20 Performance Desktop PC

Yes, it might not as good as that Liquid Immersion PC Cooling System, but MDPC can clean the inner side from heat pretty well. But there is no information about how is the specs for the storage or what kind of media drive that LG XPION R20 will come with.

While LG XPION S20 runs a bit higher specs than LG XPION R20. XPION S20 comes with a stronger processor of 2 Core Quad Q9400, also with a better graphic performance GeForce 9600GT. Overall, the main attraction beside the performance value, you’ll also get a cool glossy XPION case design. The sleek and glossy black is sure another plus point to mention.

(Source: AkihabaraNews via HallyuTech)

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