LEGO Sofa – Furniture for the LEGO Fanatics

I’ve told you Lego is an ultimate toys to create anything for our live. From a fork and spoon to drivable F1 Sport Car. Now, you’ll enjoy your LEGO in the form of a fluffy and comfortable Sofa!

Lego Style Sofa with Fluffy Seat

Lego Style Sofa with Fluffy Seat

Okay, you may guess the whole body is soft and fluffy. But that’s not true. The only comfortable part is the black color hollowed pillow with each hole to fit the Lego pimples. The rest of them is really a big LEGO block labeled as LunaBlocks by Homology.

You’ll get to choose from many type of lego lunablocks or maybe the lunaglass with transparent body. The pricing is will be vary depend on the shape and size. The lowest one will cost you €14 and the highest is €95 per block. Well, Lunablocks is not only about building a sofa, you can definitely build anything starting from chair, desk, cupboard, shelves, etc. It’s all depend on your creativity to crave your own furniture!

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