Sony PSP 3000 Now Hackable

Lite Blue Tool battery for PSP 3000 Hacking

Lite Blue Tool battery for PSP 3000 Hacking

Believe it or not, it’s here! The hacking tool for Sony PSP 3000 console, which claimed to be uncrackable handheld console.

I’m not sure it is a bad news or good news. Datel’s release their “lite blue tool battery” which can put your PSP 3000 into a service mode and you can insert and play your “homebrew” games.

This little Lite Blue Tool will set to release on this November 28th. Prepare as little as $30 to get this hack tool and start playing something you downloaded from usenet (but I totally not recommended you to do so!) :)

(via CrunchGear)

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  • Brian

    no it doesnt work anymore. Sony sued their asses and now u cant buy one

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