Toshiba G450 3G Modem

Toshiba G450 is a 3G modem as you can figure it out on the headline, but it’s not just a mere 3G modem alone. Toshiba G450 is a 3G modem with benefits beside the sleek and sliver capsule style case.

Toshiba G450 - More Than Just a 3G Modem

Toshiba G450 - More Than Just a 3G Modem

You can use Toshiba G450 as a memory stick or MP3 player. You can also act it as a mini size cell phone since Toshiba G450 has a built-in tri-band GSM cell phone.

The Modem is HSDPA type means you can boost your browsing speed up to 2.6Mbps, depend on your local 3.5G network coverage. If no HSDPA signal available, Toshiba G450 can freely drop to EDGE or even GPRS automatically.

The only disadvantage this 3G modem has is the integrated memory capacity. You’ll only get 160MB, pretty weird capacity to store your data and music. Overall, it’s really a 3G Modem with Advantages/Benefits and you can get it for as low as £140. Not a bad stuff for that price.

(Gadget Lab via BoingBoing)

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