HomeDock HD Pro – Upscale iPod Video to HD Quality

HD-fans? Why don’t you try to upscale your iPod Video to HD Quality with HomeDock HD Pro? But there is a condition here. Your video on your iPod must not be compressed like hell or you won’t get any upscale at all and you’ll probably waste $399 on this device for nothing!

iPod Dock - Homedock HD Pro

iPod Dock - Homedock HD Pro

“Plug your iPod into this DLO HomeDock HD Pro, and it upscales your video to 720p/1080i quality. Notice the HDMI and optical digital audio ports on the back, giving you a digital connection between your music player and home theater AV system. It even has an RS-232 control port for those high-end home theater mavens.”
— by Charlie White | Dvice

(Source: Engadget HD via DVice)

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