Gold Chair – Bling-Bling Christmas Gift?

Here is a hot and boiling home furniture that will make thieves’ raving on it, a Pure Gold Made Gold Chair!

Pure 24-Carat Gold Plated Chair

Pure 24-Carat Gold Plated Chair

Imagine you have one of this chair places on your patio or garden this Christmas. Ha! You’ll immediately invites a lot of good fellow thieves as your special guests this Christmas! :)

Okay, stop the joke and lets continue to this luxurious and bling-bling gold chair. The gold is purely 24-carat gold coated to the ENTIRE chair for a better bling-bling effect. And you know what, you really have to be in that bling-bling and high-class level to get this gold chair as your home decoration. Why? Because it’s $3,000 a chair!

(Source: DesignMilk via CoolBuzz)

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