Eco-Friendly Citrus-Powered Digital Clock

Technology now has enabled natural fruit to power-up an electronic. That’s wonderful and can eliminate the reliability to several dangerous source such as Alkaline battery. Here, a new invention which elevate the use of Citrus sourness to power up a digital clock!

Citrus Powered Digital Clock

Citrus Powered Digital Clock

As you can see, it’s very simple to use this device. Just cut half the lemon and put the face down to the plate and… TAADAA! The digital clock light up! 😉

The only downside is the short power supply. As the lemon dried up over time, the digital clock will shut down. Well, how long do you wish a lemon can last? If you need it to light up the whole month, you’ll need to replace the lemon each week because that’s the limit of every lemon.

(Source: Anna Gram’ via GeekAlerts and Geeky-Gadgets)

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