Spartan Letter Opener: Torn Your Letter Like a Spartan!

Wait, what’s inviting in this little gadget? Well, you know that ‘300’ Spartan movie, right? Lots of people love that movie because it’s so charismatic and hot blooded. Wanna be a little spartan for a bit? Yep, this gadget can let you express your spartan souls and enthusiasm when you planning to open your bill letters!

Letter Opener - Spartan Edition

Letter Opener - Spartan Edition

The “300” logo from the movie is hard-coated at the stand with red flashing colorizing the spartan helmet statue. The Knife for you to slash and ripped your letters is kept in at the top and you can easy remove it to do some letter-killing.

It looks small but it has a solid material in it. Spartan Letter Opener will cost you $41.67.

(via NerdApproved)

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