Game Piggy Bank: Helps You Save Money Happily

If you are searching for a slightest fun for your effort to save your money (yes, saving money always not a fun activity), you should check out this Arcade Game Piggy Bank:

Arcade Game Piggy Bank

Arcade Game Piggy Bank

This piggy bank will encourage you to save more money (coins) by bribing you with the old school games such as Tetris and Breakout. You only need to insert one coins to enable the game and you will feel like playing an arcade games than saving money into a piggy bank.

Check out the following video. It will gives you the illustration of this unique game piggy bank:

The only way to get this unique piggy bank is through Strapya World, a Japanese Stuffs Importer who williing to ship them internationally. Head over to Strapya World and pre-order it if you find this gadget interesting. It’s only $39,95 before shipping cost.

(Source: Technabob via CraziestGadgets)

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