3-in-1 Modern Compact Kitchen Scale Concept

The beauty of future is everything will comes in a compact and smaller size to fit the ever-decreasing space in Earth. Well, population is increasing which makes our space become smaller. So, it’s normal to imagine the future as a bird cage like home with capsule hotel (like in Japan) everywhere in the street.

This Kitchen Scale somehow has pictured out the future as compact era. It’s 3-in-1 kitchen scale in a very thin and compact case. So, what is the 3 functions this kitchen scale have? First, it can measure food in a compact way. Just roll the flat glass-made cover to the front and it will be the tray for the scale.

Modern Compact Kitchen Scale Concept

Modern Compact Kitchen Scale Concept

You can measure both grams and calories and it also have the function to convert a necessary exchanges between those measurement. Lastly, you can use it as your Digital clock if you plan to save money on another clock hanging on your wall.

measure, convert, clock. 3-in-1 functionality for your kitchen. Well, it’s just a concept. Let’s just hope our future will be better than our imagination…

(via Tuvie)

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