Tec Touch iPod Gloves

Tec touch is a gloves made exclusively for you to use your touch screen gadgets while keeping your hand warm. Well, it’s a winter accessories anyway. You won’t need it in all season except winter.

Tec Touch iPod Glove feature a touch screen friendly gel pads as your fingers substitution. The Gel Pads is placed on your forefinger and even your thumbs so you can use all your fingers to operate your touch screen gadgets.

Tec Touch Touch Screen Enabled Gloves with Gel Pads

Tec Touch Touch Screen Enabled Gloves with Gel Pads

You might have seen a simpler touch screen ready gloves with no extra design. Well, if you respect simplicity, you should get that one instead. In the other hand, Tech Touch Glove is made with better and cooler design and it have 3 color choices starting from black, java and Charcoal. I can certainly say it’s not for ladies since there is no “Pink” color! 😉

The price is estimated at $50 a pair. Place follow our source to find out more.

(source: ChipChick)

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