LED Message Board – Never Missed A Thing!

Leaving message to our family or friends has become so easy these days. Of course, that’s all is the cool works of our inventor to create Mobile Phone as our life-companion which has made leaving message in a snap.

But the problem is, because of the convenience we have here in this communication era, we tend to get overloaded by email and SMS from friends. The worst case is to forget something that is very important like meeting or having dinner with clients or etc because the message is burried deep in our phone memory.

Okay, before something bad is happening, why don’t you try this old but effective method? Plus, it’s revolutionize by adding some LED lights to help you never missed a message! Here I present you, the LED Message Board:

Lighted Message Board

Lighted Message Board

This LED Message Board is practically easy to use and very eye-catching because of the LED lighting. You will have two type of marker to draw your message out for your family and for yourself. The LED lighting itself have 3 type of illuminations. First is single color, second is multi-color changing and third is the color blinking option. Those color illuminations serves their purpose pretty well.

Too bad it’s not self-powered or any solar panel attached. You need 3 AAA batteries to light the LED up. You can find it at ExpertVerdict for £19.95 only.

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