Natural Wood as Your 2GB Flash Drive

Flash drive has become a normal thing in these days and they are prepared to be the substitution to all small size old hard drives. We’ve started to see a good value in both capacity and durability of this little gadget. How about we add more eco-friendlier value to the existing benefits of flash drives?

Well, that’s all about this Natural Wood Made 2GB flash drive:

Natural Wood flash Drive

Natural Wood flash Drive

Each USB flash drive is unique and made out of hand selected wood, no single stick is identical to another. The shape might looks ugly in some view, but that’s what Natural all about. No single similarity except the USB head. The only drawback of this Natural series is the price. You will need to spend $128 for a piece of Natural Wood + 2GB flash drive with no other bigger size option.

Well, if you are a eco-friendly lover, it might worth the money because you know the value behind it. In the other hand, if you are a tech lover, this flash drive might looks expensive in your techie perspectives.

(via CharlesandMarie)

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