XBox 360 Portable by Ben Heck

Ben Heck has created another portable console from popular gaming console, XBox 360. Last time when he make the monster PS3 portable, we didn’t spot the news. But now, we have spotted the portable XBox 360 by Ben Heck, and it is a real exciting mods of this century. Check out this cool Mod by Ben Heck:

XBox 360 Portable Overview

Xbox 360 Portable Thickness

XBox 360 Portable Memory Slot

XBox 360 HD-DVD Media Drive

And Here is the demonstration video:

The design is similar to a laptop, and that’s what he called a ‘portable’ for gaming console (maybe…). But the size and thickness is pretty bulky. It seems to have a double thickness of my HP Mini 1000. But I really love the idea to transform the huge XBox 360 body to this shape with built-in Colorful LCD display, removable XBox HDD with two memory slot at the side. Also, a WiFi feature is already planted inside. Very clever!

(Source: BenHeck via iTechNews)

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